Scriptural Body Art

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Israeli artist Ronit Bigal has taken inspiration from the Bible and applied scriptures, like tattoos onto the human body. She calls it “Body Scripture II”  The body appears to be an abstract landscape, as Ronit beautifully applies calligraphy to each groove and contour. To create each piece, Ronit photographed the body and then later wrapped the photos with cited calligraphy taken from Biblical texts.

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This is the official videoclip of Pineapple Xpress ‘s song: Fire through my hands ( 2013).
Pineapple Xpress (Lucio Cremasco/producer , Aaron Vega/vocals / guitar , Lela Perez (bodypainter/artist).

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Video maker: Athanasios Alexo ( (

Dancers: Licia Recchia, Raziel Senior